What is branding, exactly?

A brand is more than just a company’s name, it’s the sum of all the elements that come together to create a unique experience for consumers. A good brand is an asset that provides a competitive edge over other similar providers in a market. So, in order to put together a business that consumers prefer to shop from, you’ll need good branding.



When done correctly, good branding creates a business that is magnetic and enduring.

Typically, a brand is thought of as a name, logo, and colors, although a brand does consist of thses elements they only really just scrape the surface.

Question - What Does A Brand Cosist Of?

The process of branding involves building a cohesive identity for your brand: that’s what your brand is, what you offer, and who your product is for. Brand identities are composed of many different elements. It’s essential to understand what these elements are and how they’re used to shape perceptions in order to create an effective brand.

The elements of your brand need to be clearly defined, too, to create an authentic and dependable experience for your customers. Altogether, each element will work together to create your identity—and further, your reputation.

Here Are Five Elements Of A Brand You Might Not Have Considered About Your Brand.


Brand Identity

What exactly is brand identity? A brand is an easily recognizable name that immediately tells people about a certain organization. “Brand identity” is the way people recognize the brand. It may be through the logo or other associated visuals. The Swoosh logo of Nike is very simple but is immediately recognizable worldwide.
Brand Identity
Brand Image


A Brands Image

A brands image is the mental image of a brand that consumers form. It also determines what they anticipate from the brand. Rolls Royce, for example, has the image of a premium vehicle manufacturer.  So, even if there is a market, it cannot produce a low-cost vehicle.  Its existing premium clients would be upset since it dilutes the aforementioned image. It’s difficult, if not impossible, to change a brand’s image, so it’s better to know what you’re looking for before investing your money.


Brand Personality

Brand personalities are very similiar to a persons personality. We link specific emotional or personal attributes with a certain brand. For instance, we can identify youth with Pepsi and toughness with Wrangler. Every aspect of the brand identity, from the color of the logo to the font of the company name, contributes to the personality.

Brand Personality
Brand Communication


Brand Communication

Brand communication is the message that a company sends out through numerous mediums such as advertisements, social medias and billboards. To develop, the brand must be able to properly explain its primary benefits to customers.


Brand Extension

As your brand grows you might want to think about ‘Brand extension’. Brand extension is the idea of going beyond one’s origins and exploring newer fields. Google started as a search engine, but now it provides many other services, including e-mail and home automation. Films sell merchandise like clothes or toys pre/post release, which are also extensions as they go beyond the main product.


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