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How To Do Branding On A LOW BUDGET

Is it even possible? Our own opinion is yes it is…to a limit. It will require patience and hard work but you can succeed!

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Creating your brand from scratch on your own can be a lengthy process but it can be done. Although to keep your costs low it is critical to do it right. Some companies have spent thousands creating their brands only for them not to work. Why? Because they didn’t lay good branding roots and the ‘audience’ couldn’t recognise what the brands represented.

To understand your brand you need to delve deep into understanding it yourself. We won’t go too far into details here because we’ve already gone into that more in a previous post that you can find here. Also, if you need more guidance we have a Bright Branding Kit that will help you grow them all important branding roots. Alternatively, we would be happy to help, just ask below.

Once you have a true understanding of your brand you’ll then be at the creating stage. Your first objective will probably be to create an eye-catching logo that represents your brand and posts on social media. For this, we recommend using an online program called Canva. Canva makes creating catchy and creative logos and social media posts hassle-free. There is a lot more you can do with Canva which we’ll be going through in a future post. We use Canva on a daily basis due to its ease of use. It is really a fundamental tool for any budding entrepreneur that is on a restricted budget. There is a free version of Canva which is great for when you’re just getting going but we’d recommend getting the paid version as it just makes things even more hassle-free plus it’s only 11.99€ a month.

Then comes your brand’s website. Unfortunately, there is no decent way of creating a decent ‘Free’ website although there are decent low-cost alternatives. For your domain name (your .com) and hosting we recommend DreamHost as they make the process reasonably simple, they have decent tech support and it’s the one we mostly use. It’s currently only 3$ a month to get you started plus 7.99$ to buy your domain.

Now that the hosting and domain of your website are set up, you’re going to need a platform to build your website so that you can create and maintain it. By far the most common place for this is WordPress. Dreamhost makes it easy to get your domain name linked to WordPress with just a few clicks.

You can build your website completely on WordPress although alternatively, you can use the website theme builder Elegant Themes aka. Divi. Elegant Themes is a ‘theme’ for WordPress which makes building a website fun and easy. They have a vast array of website templates already professionally created leaving you with the task of just adding your content. You can take a look at their website and the setup process here. Elegantthemes is only 89$ a year or 249$ for lifetime access.

It is vitally important for you to completely understand every aspect of your brand first. We strongly recommend concentrating on the meaning and language of your brand before jumping into creating a logo and building a website. You can use our Bright Branding Kit to guide you through this process, alternatively, you can send us your questions and we’ll see how we can help.

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