5 Branding Tips For Small Businesses




Know Your Brand Identity

Your brand identity should be instantly recognisable and memorable but it doesn’t need to be complicated. Keep things clean and simple. Think about the personality of your brand and how you want it to come across to your clients. Your brand should include a memorable logo, your brand colours and fonts that you’ll use for a website and marketing and visuals you can use throughout that make your brand recognisable. Also, think about the voice of your brand and language (informal/formal for example).


Know Your Audience

Knowing your audience is obviously vital for success. Do your research, you can take a look at similar brands’ social media and see the kind of audience they have. It’s also important to find the right balance in your audience. If you’re trying to cater for a large target audience, when it comes to marketing, you’ll be too thinly spread and it’ll be like trying to cover the World with a duvet. If your target audience is too narrow, they’ll be a limited supply of customers and you’ll be under the duvet all by yourself.


Know Your Competition

A key element of any business is to try to stand out from the crowd. The best way to figure out how is to learn about your competition. Doing so will enable you to maybe connect with the customer in a different way compared to the competition. While learning about your competition you might even learn that their target audience is completely different from your own and they’re not actually your true competition. There are multiple aspects to look at to understand your competition which we delve deeper into in our Bright Branding Kit.



Know What Makes You Different

Standing out from the crowd is an important element when it comes to marketing your brand. You can use your differences for catchy social media posts and adverts and really be memorable. Once you’ve researched your competition it will give you an idea of where you can be different in your business endeavours.


Know Where To Promote

Where to promote your brand will depend on all the factors above. Where will your audience spend their time? Which social media platforms do they use? How will they find you? If your brand is for professionals, maybe LinkedIn would be a good place to start. If you have an online consumer shop, then maybe Instagram will have a bigger audience for your brand. Also, think about your budget. You can grow your business organically but it takes time, patience and a little hit and miss. If you have a budget for marketing, then you should be able to grow your brand more rapidly but even then, sometimes it takes time for things to get growing.

The Anatomy of an Easy-to-Use Website

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Let’s Start 

If you need help with developing your brand or you don’t know where to start with social media, feel free to contact us. Alternatively, download our Bright Branding Kit to help you grow them all important branding roots for a healthy thriving business.